i'm soo in love. they're the most loved couple from Big Brother Philippines that made history. the first ever couple the blossomed from staying inside the Big Brother house. Philippines love them soo much. because their love story is like a heroine. yes, it's addictive. so so addictive.
their love story just begun
i'm a fan and an avid follower of their love story when they are still inside the house. i'm mad at myself when not seeing them or when i skip an hour of watching them on the livestream. they are fun and not boring to watch. they have these punchlines and corniness that made people happy and stressed-out. yes, they are like a medicine for those people who are working abroad, and to those people who worked all day, a stress reliever, indeed.

at first they denied their feelings to one another but the rest of their housemates knew that they have these magic, a special feeling. it just shows everytime they're with each other, messing around, singing loud, talking little stuffs, dreaming, planning, and sometimes talking about what they feel, but their way of sweetness was like cariño brutal. their feelings suddenly bloom.
and now people are crazy for looking up to what they are doing after Big Brother Philippines ended. from the people online, forums, chats, twitters, and blogs, have been trying to find ways to moved on coz they get addicted and get used to watch Melason on the livestreaming (sites), its like, it has been part of their daily lives. even me, i'm addicted to them.

it's destiny's call. they're really are meant for each other. i mean, i believe in that. if they have fuzz or a little fights with their relationship then respect them. i'm a real fan and i don't make judgments. and they deserve the fame they have right now.

Melason In Love is the first reality show in the Philippines that showcase a real couple. because people are craving for their love story and happenings on their lives as a couple outside Big Brother house. and now they are having plenty of shows on ABS-CBN, the station where Big Brother Philippines or Pinoy Big Brother is being telecast.

i heart them soo much! and i want updates from the lovebirds! haha

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