Nearness is a Rube Goldberg machine like you probably have never seen one before. It works with with RFID, so it means that the elements of the machine interact without touching. Nearness is the first exploration into designerly applications for RFID by BERG.

Sniff by Sara Johansson, Timo Arnall & Einar Sneve Martinussen, Nearfield, is another RFID application. Sniff is an interactive dog that “sniffs” objects that come close to his nose. It reacts through sound and vibration while creating games through behaviors, melodies and emotional responses.

i am so amazed by the concept of their works. i think, we need the RFID device to track stolen cars and some other important belongings, you know. i really think that Philippines needs it for buses to prevent traffic and further accidents. don't cha think so?

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