i♥demSoooFiercely! i♥VogueEvolution!!

Season 4 of Randy Jackson Presents America's Best Dance Crew which premieres last August 9, the show featured the first openly gay and transgendered dance crew, Vogue Evolution.
"Vogue Evolution works to empower Black and Latino gay youth around self-value, while educating the community on HIV/AIDS awareness, and encouraging the importance of getting tested now."

i say, they are feirce! i love them doing voguing. i have watched 'Paris Is Burning' last night (the film is amazing and awakening for me about gay life in New York) and i'm impressed. i'm like a huge fan for them right now cos they're unique and a bomb! when i watched their performances on ABDC, they excites me, like, what stunts will they do, and when they dance, they owned the dancefloor. love them sooo much!

"I didn't asked to be born the way I was born. I consider myself a woman. I'm proud of me. And I think everyone out there that-- is going to a change or like feels different, be proud of it and just live your life..." -Leiomy

though they got eliminated recently but i still heart them. i heart chu!

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