they have been receiving lots of recognitions and awards in Korea and they made popular in the internet, even Perez Hilton blogged them. since one of the girl in this group made her popularity in the Philippines from joining a reality show 'SCQ', the group made it too. they're making names and people in the Philippines are going crazy about them. and not just in the Philippines but almost all countries in Asia like China, Japan, Malaysia and etc. i can't complain anymore coz my sister always always played their songs and it almost stocked in my head (my sister love K Pop). i think i like them now. how so?. coz Philippines hearts 2ne1 too!
this is the good version i've heard from their single 'I DON'T CARE'. i so love it that they make a reggae version of it.

watch their performance on 20's Awards. i say 'awesome' coz i like the stage and i love what they wear and specially on the last part. they perform their two songs 'I DON'T CARE' and 'FIRE' and they were introduce on the last part. geeez. the effects are great and awesome!

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