This is to protest the arrests and discrimination against gay couples for kissing, and to celebrate our love whenever and wherever we please.

(just a promotional video for Great nationwode Kiss-In)
i heart this event that will happen on August 15, 2009.

Join in Great Nationwide Kiss-In
The coordinators have confirmed five events in Boston, MA; Irvine, CA; New York City; San Diego, CA; and San Francisco, CA. There are also organizers trying to get events started in Austin, TX; Dallas, TX; Memphis, TN; Northampton, MA; Philadelphia, PA; Portland, OR; Salt Lake City, UT; and San Antonio, TX.
If you have other questions about the Great Nationwide Kiss-In, please contact David Mailloux at GreatNationwideKissIn@gmail.com, or call him at (617) 213-0433.

Hearted from Queers United (more power to this blog!)

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