i♥DagtangLason! forsomereason.LMAO!

i dont know why i have to heart this but the songs gives meanings to us gays. staright men have to leave women for gays because women only wants money from men (thats what the song says) crazy!!! and funny faces trying to get popularity in music. but their video has millions of people viewing it. why? beacause its somewhat true and funny.
"Mga tambay lang kami, sawa sa babae.
(We're just bystanders who are tired of women)
Mga babaeng manloloko, pineperahan lang kami.
(Women are all liars and they fool us for money)
Kaya ngayon bakla na lang ang aking iibigin masarap magmahal ang bakla.
(So now, i choose to love gays because they love truly)
O kay sarap..."
(and real...)

(i know im not good in translations LMAO)

so fuckin funny!! i now heart cha! y'all made it one day. so don't get tired of loving gays. alright?! haha i think all you're songs are funny.LMAO!

Hearted from Youtube (ofcourse) and here

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