Angelina is portrayed by the singer-songwriter and a comedian himself Ogie Alcasid and Yaya (the nanny) is portrayed by the most talented artist of the Philippines, the singer-songwriter, a comedian, and a parody king himself Micheal V., who was a cover of Readers Digest Asia, 2008 September issue. their tandem are hilarious and they became a fever in the Philippines. ”Whatever Yaya, you’re such a loser!“, the expression that made us laugh out louder and even made us fart. lol this episode was one of my favorite from Bubble Gang's 'Ang Spoiled (The Spoiled Brat)'
and they became the host of the game show 'Hole in th Wall' of GMA7. i love them with big smile. and soon they will hit on the big screen as they will be telling how they met. can't wait for it. heart cha!
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